After 6 months of “fear”, Caroline Receveur, not yet cured of her cancer, makes a radical decision

Last July, she announced that she had been suffering from aggressive breast cancer detected at an early stage for two months. Influencer Caroline Receveur begins to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and shares, this October 19, 2023, on her Instagram account, a message full of hope.

Healed “emotionally”

While the month of October (pink) is not yet over, the social media star shared her news, explaining that she had reached a milestone. She who assured: “He’s still 6 months old, I lived in fear“admits that she had”fear of losing everything, of not being enough, of not succeeding“. And Marlon’s mom even remembers “My anxieties and my doubts punctuated my daily life far too loudly.”

Well supported during her treatment, her husband, Hugo Philip, continues to encourage her, she explained this Thursday: “If someone had told me that I would continue to smile, laugh and love life after the announcement of my cancer, I would never have believed it, and yet… Today I smile, I laugh and I still live stronger !”

Thanks to her courage and resilience, Caroline Receveur can say it today: “My fears, my anxieties and all my repressed emotions are now part of the past”. And if she specifies that she is not “not completely healed physically“she is anyway.”emotionally“, she says.

“Today I begin a new chapter in my life”

After the shock of the illness, she ensures: “Today I begin a new chapter in my life, happier, more serene and more peaceful than ever, grateful to have gone through this tunnel to find the light that will now illuminate my life afterward”. We hope it continues.


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