a famous French actress comes out of silence

A controversy that hides another. Remember, at the end of last December, a few hours after learning that Victoria Abril was among the personalities who showed their support for Gérard Depardieu in a forum,
Lucie Lucas had spoken.

And for good reason, the two actresses know each other well since they have long been opposite each other in the successful series
in which they interpreted a mother and her daughter.

“Isn’t that true? I’m in shock! Victoria, tell me you didn’t do that […] You want us to talk about your numerous attacks, including sexual ones? towards your partners? Come to think of it, I’m not surprised that you signed this rag… You’re freaking out too and when you think about it, you’re right. Enough of the delirium”, thus wrote the former participant of Dancing with the Stars… Accusations obviously taken seriously by the main interested party.

Victoria Abril’s lawyer subsequently announced that her client had filed a complaint against Lucie Lucas for “public defamation”.

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Actress Marilou Berry gets tangled

Questioned by our colleagues from Parisian this Friday January 19, 2024, actress Marilou Berry commented on the affair… “I know Victoria very well: I filmed with her, she did Gazon maudit with my mother, I spent vacations with her children. She is an extremely free womanfeminist, who sends shit, doesn’t let her toes be walked on… And, at the same time, it’s also a woman from another timeshe confided.

“All the actresses of her time lived hands on ass and shut their mouths because otherwise they would no longer work”also declared the actress.

And to conclude: “What I support is not this accusation, the details of which I do not know: I support the fact that speech is freed“.


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