Zone exit, season 5 | Episode 39: And the positive in all this?

Can we see anything positive at the moment in the Canadian? The question divides everyone a bit… including our panel!

Meanwhile, Brendan Gallagher no longer seems the player he once was, and we wonder what the Canadian could decide in his case. And then in fact, this summer, what will be the management’s priorities?

On the Penguins side, will the holy trinity of Crosby, Letang and Malkin finally go their separate ways?

Host: Jérémie Rainville
Guests: Louis Jean, Richard Labbé, Alexandre Pratt

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I don’t want to make my joke three or four years later, but when Marc Bergevin awarded the contract to Gallagher, I said to myself: “let’s see, that doesn’t make any sense”. Already at the time of this contract, he had already slowed down and we could predict it with his style of play, it was clear that he was not going to play until he was 40.

Richard Labbé

To me, there is no doubt that teams look at Josh Anderson and say: playoffs. He’s the type of guy who can help you win in the playoffs.

Louis Jean

That’s five years for me. That’s what it’s going to take. Now, that doesn’t mean drafting into the top 5 every year. At some point, you have to move forward. But five years before becoming respectable and being a team that fights every year to be in the playoffs.

Louis Jean

We left at the start of the season, there were bad 30 seconds, bad 2 minutes, bad 5 minutes. There we are at a bad 20 minutes, even a bad half hour. I think this is shaping up to be a trend that will grow as the season progresses. The objective at the start of the season was to play meaningful matches in March. I apologize, this objective has not been achieved.

Alexander Pratt

Editor’s note. In this episode, Alexandre Pratt makes a slip of the tongue. He mentions that the Canadian has a 1-10 record in overtime this season. Rather, he meant that the Canadian has a 1-10 record in the context of 2 games in 2 days.

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