Zone exit, season 5 | Episode 22: Is Byfield a good point of comparison for Slafkovsky?

Three topics excite our panelists. First, is Quinton Byfield a good point of comparison for Juraj Slafkovsky? Richard Labbé, Antoine Roussel, Alexandre Pratt and host Jérémie Rainville have divergent opinions. We then come back to Austin Watson’s slapshot which hit Jérémy Lauzon in the last second of a 5-1 match on Thursday. In the same vein, Antoine Roussel recounts the worst gesture he made on an ice rink. Finally, our team comments on the appointment of Jacques Martin as advisor to Ottawa, when there is already a veteran head coach behind the bench.

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Physically, yes, [Quinton Byfield et Juraj Slafkovsky] may look similar, but they are not the same type of players. Byfield is first of all a very good skater […] his other great strength is his hands.

Alexander Pratt

Everyone agrees that the obvious decision is to fire DJ Smith, everyone knows that. OK, we’re not going to do that, but instead we’re going to bring someone who will breathe down his neck: that’s not better.

Richard Labbe

Episode details

Block 1

  • 0:30 – A second 4-0 defeat for the Canadian against the Kings in two weeks
  • 14:00 – Are there any similarities between Quinton Byfield and Juraj Slafkovsky?
  • 25:00 – Changes to the CH numerical advantage: 0 in 3 anyway

Block 2

  • 28:25 – Will the Canadian be dropped after this weekend against Buffalo and Nashville?
  • 40:25 – Jacques Martin returns to the Senators

Block 3

  • 47:00 – Maple Leafs: John Klingberg and Joseph Woll injured
  • 49:45 – Alexander Ovechkin reaches 1500 points, but only has 5 goals in 25 games

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