“You’re not on a boat with DiCaprio”, Pascal Obispo, surprise guest at the Star Ac’ castle, knocks out Axel

Vitaa, Slimane, Louane, or even Pascal Obispo. The candidates of the star Academyare lucky. Indeed, since their arrival at the Château de Dammarie-les-Lys, they have been entitled, every Monday, to the presence of a star of French song at their side for a masterclass. The opportunity to learn more about the artist in question but above all, to obtain valuable advice for their future life as an artist. This Monday, November 27, 2023, it is Pascal Obispo who visited Julien, Magot, Clara, and even Axel. And the latter will remember the arrival of Lucie’s interpreter for a long time.

Firstly, the one who was surprised by Nagui a few weeks ago shared his beginnings with the students. Even before he became a singer. “When I started, I was 15 years old. That’s 43 years ago. When you start, you dream of living moments where you only do that, but it’s difficult”he explained to an audience very attentive to his words, before continuing: “First there is school, then you have to find a job. I didn’t have one because I didn’t have my baccalaureate. But we all dream of living moments where we only make music , sing, paint, write, do just that. So here you are in a moment where you have to enjoy. You dance, you sing, you do theater”.

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Axel, Pascal Obispo’s favorite target

But Pascal Obispo forgot another “subject” as a student insisted on reminding him: “Stage expression too!”. An intervention on which the singer wanted to bounce back. “So you have to be careful about that. I saw your comrade (Axel) earlier. I saw you on television. I wanted to tell you because I […] my record company had me in front of a mirror because they thought I had no charisma”he confided to the students of the star Academy.

In fact, it was asked to Pascal Obispo to do “gestures for the clip…”. “It’s a disaster, now I’m dealing with it. The thing is, when it’s not natural, you shouldn’t do it”, he lamented. After a long discussion with the students, the singer called out to Axel again to tease him. The 58-year-old artist claims not to have “seen none”students on television before coming to the castle. Because he wanted “arrive without [les] to know”. Except, Axel he saw “sing with big gestures like that”. “But hey, if you’re not on a boat with Leonardo DiCaprio, you don’t need to”he concluded with a lot of humor, without hurting the main person concerned.


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