Young driver gets nearly three years in prison for causing fatal accident while intoxicated

A young man found guilty of causing a fatal accident while he was drunk on the evening of his 23rd birthday received a sentence of nearly three years in prison on Wednesday, in order, among other things, to dissuade other drivers from taking driving while intoxicated, the court noted.

“You are a young man from a good family. You have no criminal record. We repeat, driving while intoxicated is an offense that can be committed by ordinary people. It is not necessarily committed by inveterate criminals,” said Judge Marc Bisson on Wednesday morning at the Sorel-Tracy courthouse.

“We realize that [le message] doesn’t seem to fit. Collective deterrence is what we need to look at,” he continued, before endorsing the common suggestion of 33 months of imprisonment for Jeremy Durocher.

Last November, the 26-year-old young man was found guilty on all counts with a level of more than 80 mg/100 ml causing death.

Filmed scene

Durocher made this fatal error on August 27, 2020.

That evening, the resident of Yamaska ​​in Montérégie was returning home after having consumed a few drinks at the end of his work day.

While he was traveling in his red Toyota Camry on Route 132, near Saint-Robert, Durocher hit Yannick Potvin from behind, on his scooter.

Yannick Potvin, victim.

Facebook photo

They were both in a zone where the permitted limit is 90 km/h.

Surveillance cameras in the surrounding area captured the sad scene.

Unfortunately, the 43-year-old man succumbed to his injuries.

On his way

For his part, Durocher had made incriminating statements on the spot, notably mentioning knowing that he should not have gotten behind the wheel.

“You made a bad choice that forever changed the course of your life, that of your family and that of Mr. Potvin’s family,” the judge said. He had the misfortune to find himself in your path.”

The young carpenter nevertheless benefited from multiple mitigating factors, including a “very favorable” pre-sentence report, the fact that he is an asset to society, that he expresses sincere regrets, that he says he is abstinent and does not no longer want to drive. His risk of reoffending is considered “low”.

Driving ban

Furthermore, letters from relatives of the victim were read by the prosecution, in order to highlight the serious consequences that this tragedy had on their lives.

His elderly mother suffered from depression, loss of appetite and loneliness, following the sudden departure of her son, who lived with her.

Durocher will have to respect a two-year driving ban upon his release from prison.

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