“You came into my life like a rocket”, Alicia (Married at first sight) separated from Bruno, she already finds a smile in the arms of another candidate from the M6 ​​program!

The news shocked all fans of “Married at First Sight”. While everything seemed to work between them, Bruno and Alicia have decided to separate. But after formalizing their breakup, the pretty blonde, who had a terrible accident in the past, came out of her hinges. Especially when she discovered the new conquest of her now ex: Jennifer Larivière, candidate of the same season as her.

Since this discovery, the one who has tried the song has decided to let go and swing on the behavior of Bruno during their relationship. “When I see that person said they respected me, gave their all […] when we cheat and that in addition, behind, we continue to go out in clubs, to sleep, that at 7 am, there is no one next to me, I do not know where the person slept and that ‘she does it all over again, that is to say sleeping twice […] I hope that this person will be able to question themselves and better manage their future relationships”she notably dropped, pointing to the supposed infidelity of the young man.

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Bruno in a relationship with Jennifer, he responds to Alicia

The main interested party was quick to respond to the attacks and accusations of his ex. On his social networks, the man who flew to the aid of his muse during his hospitalization felt the need to make a point.

“Sorry for not being able to answer you all, thank you for all your messages, it’s a complicated period, it’s true”recognized the one who now flows happy days with Jennifer, before continuing: “I will no longer seek to justify myself, despite the fact that completely unfounded judgments are said about me. Soothe our hearts and life is beautiful. The future looks bright.”

Alicia smiles again… with Jefferson

Bruno, who is now enjoying happy days with Jennifer, did not wish to name the person concerned, although his remarks leave no room for doubt. For her part, Alicia seems to manage to keep smiling. And for that she can thank Jefferson. Indeed, this Wednesday, June 28, the pretty blonde shared photos and accomplice videos in the company of Pedro’s husband.

The two seem to be the best of friends, as evidenced by the numerous publications posted by the main interested parties. This meeting is good for Alicia and allows him to think of something else in this difficult period.


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