yet back on the show, Carole Rousseau is crushing TF1

Five years after leaving TF1, then C8, Carole Rousseau is making her comeback on the small screen. This Friday, February 9, 2024, Arthur celebrates the 20 years ofGrand Competition…And for the occasion, the greatest champions in the history of the program will be present on the television set, just like the hosts who brought the game to life!

Thus, Laurence Boccolini, Denis Brogniart, Estelle Denis, Jean-Luc Lemoine or even Christophe Dechavanne will be there to compete once again!

A program during which Carole Rousseau will take the helm of the second round! Indeed, during an interview given to our colleagues from TV Mag

the host made it known that she did not see herself refused Arthur’s proposal.

“I found his proposal coherent. As they say, I am the historic host of this program, I was born with him, he was born with me. With Arthur, we have known each other for a long time, I owe him a lot”she declared this Friday, February 9.

Women on television

An interview during which the producer also spoke about her view of women on television… And against all expectations, Carole Rousseau made it known that TF1 was not currently an example to follow.

“Television for women is difficult. It was even more difficult when I was there. Today, women are treated a little better paradoxically. Not necessarily at TF1, because there are no longer women, but on other channels where women have regained the ascendancy, a place that they deserve”, she said. However, the host insisted on the fact that she was not “angry” with the first channel, nor even with C8 Moreover…


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