“Yes, we’re kicking you out…”, the strange declaration of Bruce Toussaint after a few days on the TF1 morning show

A surprise transfer which caused a lot of talk… Last October, Bruce Toussaint created a surprise by announcing that he was leaving BFM TV during the year to a new show broadcast in the morning on TF1.

Sunday December 1, 2023, the journalist bid farewell to the viewers of the program he hosted daily on the continuous news channel: “I spent five unforgettable years thanks to you and your loyalty. JI thank the editorial staff very sincerely and warmly. who does a fantastic job every day throughout France and around the world to keep you informed. Thanks to the technical teams, thanks to the management, thanks to Marc-Olivier Fogiel and a special thank you to the team who prepare and design this live every day under the leadership of Simon Buisson”, he declared before returning the antenna for the last time.

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“One in two times you get fired”

While Bruce Toussaint made his debut on TF1 on January 8 with his new show Good morning ! TF1 morning show

this Tuesday January 16, 2024, the latter was the guest of BUZZ TV.

The opportunity to come back to this transfer which was not at all easy to experience: “I wish it was my last transfer window. Contrary to what many people may imagine, it is lots of sleepless nights. I tend to want to be discreet in general, but this was a failure. If I am given the opportunity to stay at TF1 for 10 yearsI sign, give me a pen”he confided.

And to add regarding his decision to set sail during the year: “I heard ‘Yes, he’s fidgety’, etc.. You should know that one shot out of two, you get fired, so when we move it, it’s also sometimes because Yes, we’ll kick you out. These are things that happen and present themselves to you. These are opportunities that are created, we think of you and we call you and that’s what happened to me for TF1.”, concluded Bruce Toussaint. A choice he does not regret.


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