Yann Barthes used to “cutting shorts? These star comedians refuse to appear on “Quotidien”

Since the late 1990s and early 2000s, Eric Carrière And Francis Ginibre have enjoyed enormous success. The duo that forms The Knights of Gall

managed to make themselves known to the general public through their incomparable humor and certain songs which made, and still make, their fans die of laughter such as The Simca 1000 Or Why do not you come.

Performing in the largest French venues, the duo of comedians hardly needs to promote their shows on the various television channels. This is why, apart from a few talk shows, they refuse to appear on certain programs. Eric Carrière And Francis Ginibre for example confided, this Monday, December 4, 2023 in the Buzz TV from Figarothat they did not feel the desire to go to Yann Barthès in Daily. Notably because their shows are broadcast on the competing channel of TMC : C8.

“Everyday, it’s complicated, we’re on C8”first confided Eric Carrière before specifying the true nature of their refusal: “We’re not going to go… and then, I’m willing to go everywhere when it has an interest, a meaning, and when it’s things that don’t involve bad thoughts. But Daily, if it’s to go there and getting shorts tailored, we don’t need them. Who cares?.

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The Knights of Fiel defend their audience

Afterwards, the Knights of Gall also wanted to defend themselves on some preconceptions that concern them. Particularly on their audience, sometimes described as “mentally handicapped person” according to their statements. “In our audience, or in our fans, there is Plantu, Louis Chedid, there are not only mentally retarded people. The mentally retarded are those who think that there are only mentally retarded people among our fans “explains Eric Carrière before continuing: “And then we can’t be friends with everyone. There are some with whom we don’t have the same life, the same values, we don’t have the same friends. It’s not making a show to make one, we go where it’s good”.

For example, they refused for a long time to go to TV Kids because of their complicated relationship with Laurent Ruquier. Now that Laurence Boccolini has taken over, they would not be against going back.


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