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The next presidential election in the United States will be of capital importance, for Americans, for Canadians, for the rest of the world.

The choice American voters make could have profound repercussions on their country’s constitutional order and the preservation of democratic institutions. But also, of course, on relations with Canada and the future direction of many countries influenced, in one way or another, by American policy.

Interesting fact. Americans may live in a highly polarized country, but they still agree on one thing, according to an Associated Press – NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll: they are concerned about the state of democracy and how the outcome of this election will affect its future.

Democrats and Republicans are on the same wavelength in this regard… but each camp points to its rival as the main threat to this same democracy1.

For all these reasons, and so that you can closely follow this historic campaign, we have chosen to increase our team of journalists assigned full-time to the American election this year.

Starting this weekend, you’ll start to see these changes, including reading coverage from columnist Yves Boisvert, who is moving to Washington for the year to report up close on the state of this country throughout 2024.

Yves will sign an “American Letter” every week and will occasionally participate in a newsletter on American news. But above all he will report to us what is happening in Washington and throughout the United States, by visiting Americans, attending major events and producing field reports that illustrate and dissect the issues facing society. American.

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Richard Hétu will, for his part, be even more present at The Press. In addition to continuing to sign his “Decryption” on Monday, he will send us more texts analyzing American politics, as he knows how to do. He will publish once a month, on Saturday, a segment of his series of reports “New York life”, anchored in the daily life of the metropolis where he has lived for 30 years. And he will be the main author of our new weekly newsletter, which will be sent on Tuesday afternoon.

We will regularly organize chat sessions to strengthen links with our readers and allow them to ask their questions to Yves, Richard and our other journalists the day after major reports, or to dissect in real time major developments in the American news.

In Montreal, journalist Janie Gosselin will have the mandate to dissect, explain, contextualize and popularize everything that helps to understand the ins and outs of the campaign.

Once a week, we will publish an “At a Glance” screen on American society, beyond the electoral race: place of religion, firearms, life expectancy, obesity, etc.

Columnist Laura-Julie Perreault will enrich this coverage by analyzing the ups and downs of this important campaign which will lead to the meeting on November 5. And like her colleagues who cover international news, she will travel the country in search of the keys, events and actors that allow us to understand the state of the country and its democracy.

Obviously, readers will be able to continue reading the excellent texts of the New York Times, thanks to our partnership with this prestigious media. And to this will be added another agreement, which will further enrich our coverage of American issues, this time with the Washington Post. We will indeed publish the best of this great media, which knows how to distinguish itself in terms of political coverage, but also on subjects of great diversity.

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1. Check out the Associated Press – NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll

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