Woman with very risky pregnancy sues Texas for abortion

Abortion is illegal in Texas, including in cases of incest or rape. The only exception: danger of death or risk of disability for the mother.


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A sign "keep your politics out of my body"used during a pro-abortion demonstration in Houston, Texas (United States), July 20, 2023. (REGINALD MATHALONE / NURPHOTO / AFP)

A 31-year-old American woman whose life and fertility are threatened by her pregnancy launched legal action against the state of Texas on Tuesday, December 5, to demand the ability to have an abortion. According to the complaint, Kate Cox learned last week that her fetus has Down syndrome, meaning it is at risk of dying in utero. Even if the pregnancy goes to term, there is a high chance that the baby will be stillborn or die a few days later.

In the summer of 2022, the Supreme Court of the United States overturned its “Roe v. Wade” ruling, which had guaranteed for half a century the federal right of American women to terminate their pregnancies. Texas has banned all abortions, including in cases of incest or rape. The only exception: in the event of danger of death or risk of serious disability for the mother. But abortion rights advocates say the exceptions are too vague.

Due to the law, Kate Cox cannot have an abortion, her doctors telling her she has “hands tied”, according to the complaint filed on his behalf by the specialized association Center for Reproductive Rights. Due to previous C-sections, inducing labor after the fetus has died carries a high risk of rupturing the uterus, which could kill her or prevent her from becoming pregnant in the future if a hysterectomy is necessary.

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