With Sofiane Tadjine, “it’s already over”!

At the end of March, we informed you that Sofiane Tadjine was no longer single! The singer had married Emilie Nef Naf! The 34-year-old brunette bombshell had succumbed to the charm of the former Angels candidate, after yet another breakup with Jérémy Ménez, the footballer who is none other than the father of her two children, Maëlla (9) and Menzo (7). year). In April, on Instagram, Nabilla’s ex had shared a photo of a tender kiss exchanged with the winner of Secret Story 3. “Against wind and tide… because in truth we deserve… love is neither reasoned nor reasonable… just obvious… an intuition…”he wrote in the caption of the photo. “We had already fallen in love a few years ago, but it was not the right timing. We met then she made her life, she became a mother and she left to live abroad”he had against Jordan de Luxe.

But this love story did not last! The influencer and businesswoman has announced that she is back on the market…

It was during an interview with Jordan De Luxe that she made this revelation. The reporter was asking her about her relationship with the 41-year-old when the young woman cut him off, saying: “You are misinformed, because it’s already over.” But what happened? “It happened that it didn’t work. Well, it worked very well, but there are things in life that sometimes mean that you have to make decisions, and the best decision is not to not be together”, she explained. “Sofiane will say it’s from me, I’m also going to say it’s me because there are things wrong with both of us, but at least it’s clear between us”.

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Adam Javal-Fauconnier

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