With Mylène Farmer, “we are an old couple”, her friend Yvan Cassar launches into astonishing intimate confidences!

It is the city of Lille which is launching the kick-off, this Saturday June 3, 2023, of the stadium tour of “Nevermore” and the long-awaited return by her fans of Mylène Farmer. Thirteen dates in all until July 29, including the Stade de France, June 30 and 1er July. To salute the scenic comeback of the one who has been at the top of the charts for four decades, the newspaper THEParisian decided to interview one of his most faithful friends, the pianist, musical director and arranger Yvan Cassar, who has been at his side since 1996. At the time, “very impressed” by the diva, the musician admits that at their very first meeting, they barely said hello”, addressing only “two words”.“It was in the studio, during the recording of Giorgino, in which she played the leading role (film directed by Laurent Boutonnat, editor’s note). She was shy and I was very impressed. He was a huge star”he confides.

“She is exceptionally sensitive and empathetic”

But this not very talkative meeting will nevertheless upset the course of his life: “I fell into the bath of the show thanks to her. You must always thank the people who helped you when you were nothing. And Mylène was there at the beginning. And it is thanks to her that I have then worked with Johnny Hallyday. They had several American musicians in common.”[L’un d’eux] had recommended me to Johnny, praising my character: ‘I know a bird that opens its mouth wide.'”, he explains, amused, in the columns of the daily. And, between these two shy, hyper-sensitive, the relationship will gradually grow and slowly evolve into a real friendship since they see each other outside of work. “It’s serious ?” he laughs, before adding: “I think we can consider her a friend. We’re an old couple… We had time to like each other. She is the easiest, the most courteous, the kindest of women. She is exceptionally sensitive and empathetic. She wouldn’t write such sensitive lyrics if she wasn’t really like that.” he explains. And we know the success story born of this beautiful personal and professional relationship which will sell Mylène Farmer more than 30 million records to date.


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