“With him, ultimately, nothing is impossible”, Lucie Bernardoni (Star Academy) makes a huge statement to Michael Goldman

Already under his spell before she was attributed a relationship with him, according to the revelations of our colleagues at Here is

this Friday February 2, 2024. In May 2023, one year after having met him thanks to the return of the star Academy on TF1, Lucie Bernardoni

dedicated a long portrait to Michael Goldman in her magazine created with her sister, The kid at the back of the class. In the said article, the coach of the program presented by Nikos Aliagas spoke of her first meeting with the son of Jean-Jacques Goldman, and of his (many) qualities.

Through his portrait, Lucie Bernardoni wished to remind that Michael Goldman built his “empire” through his work and not just because he is a “son of”. “It’s sometimes difficult in France to visualize successes as the fruit of work combining personal sacrifices and nocturnal anxieties. And even if Michaël Goldman has the elegance not to complain about anything, nor the hours spent putting together his ideas, to make them economically viable […]we must nevertheless forget the man behind all this agitation and this hard-won financial tranquility and so difficult to accept, most of the time, by public opinion.she also writes about him.

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Michael Goldman, a “simple man” according to Lucie Bernardoni

The first meeting between Michael Goldman And Lucie Bernardoni

? In a “stilted restaurant in the 16th arrondissement of Paris”. However, the ex-partner of Gregory Lemarchal assures that this same meeting could very well have taken place “in a small neighborhood bar”.

“He would have toasted with the same sincerity of soul. Just as he managed to wear a sequined jacket without it seeming ridiculous”, she laughs. This “good guy, daddy hen, loyal friend with a great sense of humor” dreamed, as a child, of becoming “future president of PSG” also reveals Lucie Bernardoni who considers that with him, “ultimately, nothing is impossible”.


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