Will Vladimir Putin fail?



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Faced with Finland’s desire to join NATO, the Kremlin ordered a sudden halt to the supply of electricity in the country in retaliation. Moscow must question itself about these repeated failures, and the war that is getting bogged down.

Finland has been deprived of Russian electricity since Saturday May 14, the latest retaliatory measure from Moscow. Vladimir Putin is mounting the pressure in the face of the war in Ukraine which is still trying to legitimize. Could the Russian president be failing? For several years, he suspected a rapprochement of Ukraine with NATO, which is unacceptable for the head of the Kremlin. But by attacking kyiv, he scared off Sweden and Finland, which were on their way to joining NATO.

So he gets the opposite of what he expected. However, the territories under Moscow’s control in Ukraine remain substantial. This lets him think he is in a strong position. But how long can Russia hold out against sanctions? In Russian supermarkets, prices are exploding. The population is holding out for now. The Russians ostensibly support Vladimir Putin.

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