why Emmanuel Macron puts security at the heart of political news

The President of the Republic is going all out on security issues, and wanted to send a direct message to rural areas yesterday by announcing with great fanfare the creation of 239 gendarmerie brigades.

Blue, blue everywhere” : the government has found the color and its slogan of the week. Starting with Emmanuel Macron, who is tackling the key issue of security. The Head of State gave an interview on Monday October 2 in the regional editions of France 3 to provide his own after-sales service just after revealing the map of the 239 new gendarmerie brigades, which will be created by 2027. With the key being the recruitment of more than 2,000 additional gendarmes.

>> MAP. Discover the 239 new gendarmerie brigades

The Head of State thus wants to show that he has not forgotten this subject of security, very present in public opinion and which he had not spoken about on the 8 p.m. news 8 days ago. A theme that he has abandoned since the start of the school year, in favor of education or ecology, leaving the field open to opposition for whom it is an angle of attack. So, his entourage does not skimp on the means: it is a “historic announcement”said the Élysée.

“Many of our compatriots who live in small villages say ‘we no longer see our gendarmes’. There is insecurity because there is not enough presence. That’s why we had to put it back.”

Emmanuel Macron

at France 3

Emmanuel Macron does not forget that security is also one of the themes of responses to riots. A National Refoundation Council devoted to security – and more specifically to the riots after the death of Nahel, in Nanterre – will also take place on Thursday October 5 around Élisabeth Borne on these questions, on the eve of a trip of the Prime Minister in Caen, to inaugurate a prison.

A message to rurality

Including in the chosen format, an interview on France 3, the objective is clear: to send a message to rurality. Before his interview, we could see Emmanuel Macron, elbow on the door of a gendarmerie car, “closer to the residents”his advisors justify themselves, as a way of showing that he is not completely cut off from this France “sometimes far from everything”, according to the Elysian term. A France where the National Rally is constantly gaining votes.

However, Emmanuel Macron swears that these announcements are not a way to heal his right. “I have never reasoned like that, and even less as presidentassures the head of state. It’s a way of standing alongside our fellow citizens who want the right to live in peace.”

“All I want to tell you is that we are alongside rurality, and that there is no inevitability, whether it concerns security, health, ecology or school… We just have to mobilize all of us together.”

Emmanuel Macron

at France 3

Emmanuel Macron also took the opportunity to praise his results: reopening of sub-prefectures, more than 2,500 France Services houses… He who remembers being accused of “president of the rich”, still marked by the crisis of ” yellow vests”, nevertheless admits at the very end of the interview “a doctors problem” in rural areas. So, as he says: “The challenge is still immense”.

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