why does she resent the doctors who “turned it off”? His crazy list of drugs ingested daily…

Twelve years after his musical withdrawal, Diam’s decided to tell his story, in the documentary Hello which she co-directed with Houda Benyamina and Anne Cissé. On the occasion of the screening, out of official competition, of Hello at the 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, Vitaa’s great friend gave an exclusive interview to Augustin Trapenard for Raw.

She confided in her suicidal desires at the end of her singing career. “Me normally, I died, that’s for sure. That is to say that when I say that I wanted to end my life, it was serious what”explained the one who considers herself a “miraculous” since if she had not found peace, she “would have died”. “You see, the desert, the image of the desert? Someone who advances in the desert and who is lost, who does not even know where he comes from because he has lost his bearings, he does not know where he goes because it’s the desert. He thinks that in the distance there are things, and in fact they are mirages. And he dies of thirst. And he is alone, he is all alone, but he still works. That was me in life.” Fortunately, she was able to count on those close to her to help her.

In this documentary, Melanie Georgiades recounted her time in a psychiatric hospital where she was stuffed with drugs.

“You find yourself in a small hospital room. Everything is confiscated, your phone, you are cut off from the world, you are left alone. You are not entitled to too many visitors. And you wonder ‘when is “Are we going to help you?”she remembered in front of her mother. “I remember that since the clinic, I started hurting myself again”, she continued. “They (speaking of the nursing staff, editor’s note) turned me off, they gave me lots of cachet. From morning to evening, I took pills. And there I fell into drug hell. It’s a spiral that’s infernal”. Confidences that triggered Dominique’s tears.

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Adam Javal-Fauconnier

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