“Whether I go to the Césars or not, we don’t care,” declares Judith Godrèche, two days before the ceremony

The actress did not confirm or deny her presence at the ceremony Friday evening, considering the issue secondary. On the other hand, she calls for the voices of victims of sexual violence to be heard.



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Actress Judith Godrèche during the Cannes festival, May 17, 2019. (LOIC VENANCE / AFP)

“Whether I go to the Caesars or not, if you only knew how we don’t care.” Two days before the French cinema awards ceremony, actress Judith Godrèche launched an appeal for victims of sexual violence to be heard, Wednesday February 21 on her Instagram account. On the other hand, she did not specify whether or not she would be present at the ceremony, although The Parisian announced Tuesday evening that she would speak at the Césars. This information, at this stage, has not been confirmed or denied by Judith Godrèche’s entourage, the Académie des César, or the broadcaster, Canal+.

Actress Judith Godrèche spoke on her Instagram account on February 21, 2024. (JUDITH GODRECHE / INSTAGRAM)

Judith Godrèche filed a complaint against the directors Benoît Jacquot and Jacques Doillon for sexual and physical violence which dates back to her adolescence. She has become a spearhead of the #MeToo movement in France. “Let’s not talk about my presence or absence at the Césars, let’s talk about the 2 990 women, mothers and men who wrote to me in seven days, let’s talk about child victims of incest”she added on Instagram. “The Caesars and I are nothing”added the actress, who denounced a “omerta” around the subject in the cinema and created an email address to collect other testimonies from potential victims.

“I too like shiny dresses. I too like to be pampered. But our community suffers in silence. Our young girls suffer in silence. And once again, once again, the government is silent, the politicians are silent, and the actors, the directors are silent”she continued.

Judith Godrèche asks “that actresses can contact the CNC [Centre national de la cinématographie] without thinking that a man accused of sexual abuse is at its head.” An allusion to Dominique Boutonnat, who was implicated in a case not yet judged of sexual assault on his 21-year-old godson, accusations which he contests.

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