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Attack on a prison van: where does the case stand?
Attack on a prison van: where does the case stand?
(France 2)

Gabriel Attal chaired, on Wednesday May 22, the national tribute paid to the two prison officers killed eight days ago in the attack on a van. The commando is still on the run.

Where is Mohammed Amra hiding? Is he still in France? To find his trace, 350 police officers are mobilized night and day, a top-priority investigation. To identify the men of the commando, the elements collected at the crime scene are still being analyzed, in all scientific police laboratories in France, to track down the slightest trace of DNA in the killers’ vehicles. According to the Paris prosecutor, in charge of the investigation, these investigations are starting to bear fruit. Several phones were found in Mohamed Amra’s cell. They were examined, as were his relationships with his former accomplices in other cases.

For investigators, the men of the commando could be close to the fugitive. Searches were carried out, his ex-partner and his parents were interviewed. The investigators are also interested in the drug scene, he could be an important member of a network which would have organized his escape.

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