when caregivers travel by truck in the countryside



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France 2 – H. Blondel, A. Fuzellier, V. Jové, V. Heurtel

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Direction the Gers, where the Red Cross has set up a dental office which goes from village to village. Based in Auch, it serves eight municipalities. The care, free, is provided by students.

In the Gers countryside, a Red Cross bus travels through towns without dentists. A France 2 team followed him for a day. Departure is today at 9 a.m., direction Valence-sur-Baïse. Here, you have to count on one dentist for every 4,000 inhabitants and the surrounding area, and wait at least three months to get treatment. The idea for the bus comes from Sébastien and Marie-Josée, who call on students for care. “We are used to working, whether in the clinic or in the office. (…) It’s cool, it’s an extra experience”, confides one of them. This internship will allow them to validate the end of their studies.

Mobile services everywhere in France

Mobile health services are a small revolution in many regions. Near Royan (Charente-Maritime), Agathe tours the villages with her traveling osteopathy practice. Sometimes, it’s actually a small hospital that travels. This is the case in Auvergne, where two midwives see pregnant women for follow-up. Other services also travel to the countryside, such as in Alsace, where Arsène tours the villages with his mobile hairdressing salon.

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