what to remember from the day of Sunday, May 28

The Ukrainian armed forces claimed to have shot down around 50 explosive devices launched by Russia.

A gloomy day in Kyiv. The Ukrainian capital was the target, on the night of Saturday May 27 to Sunday May 28, of the drone attack “the most important” since the beginning of the Russian invasion, denounced the regional military administration. Here’s what to remember from the day.

The “most important” drone attack

According to local authorities, the Russian military used Iranian-made Shahed drones to carry out the attack, which was largely repelled by air defense. Of the 59 drones launched in the country, 58 were destroyed, said the Ukrainian Air Force, whose “over 40” just in the capital. Authorities reported two dead and three injured.

“This is the largest drone attack on the capital since the start of the invasion” Russian, denounced the regional military administration, stating that it “took place in several waves” and “the air alert lasted more than five hours”. The Russians sought in particular to achieve “military installations and essential infrastructure in the central regions of the country, in particular in the Kyiv region”explained the Air Force.

Zelensky salutes the “heroes” of anti-aircraft defense

Volodymyr Zelensky, for his part hailed “heroes” of anti-aircraft defence. “Every time you shoot down enemy drones and missiles, lives are saved. (…) You are our heroes,” said the Ukrainian president on Telegram on Sunday. “Unfortunately, there were affected places in the Zhytomyr region”in the center-west, he then lamented in his evening message, without further details.

New report after the attack on a hospital in Dnipro

The three missing from the attack on a hospital in Dnipro are dead. After the cessation of research in the rubble of a clinic in this city in the east of the country bombed on Friday, three people were still missing. They have been officially declared dead, as authorities announced on Telegram on Sunday morning, after “study of body fragments found at the scene of the tragedy”. The toll of this strike is 4 dead and 32 wounded.

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