what to remember from Sunday May 19

An Israeli airstrike killed 31 people in the Nusseirat refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip, according to Gaza Civil Defense.


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Bombings in Jabalia, in the north of the Gaza Strip, on May 17, 2024. (ABOOD ABUSALAMA / MIDDLE EAST IMAGES / AFP)

While Benjamin Netanyahu’s war cabinet is on the verge of a split, thehe Israeli army intensified its strikes on Sunday May 19 on the Gaza Strip. The head of UN humanitarian affairs, for his part, once again warned of the results “apocalyptic” of the blocking of aid to Gaza. Here’s what to remember from the day.

An Israeli strike in the Nousseirat refugee camp

Before dawn, An Israeli airstrike killed 31 people in the Nusseirat refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip, Gaza Civil Defense reported. “Civil defense was able to recover the bodies of 31 martyrs and 20 wounded from the rubble”declared the spokesperson for the Gaza organization, Mahmoud Bassal. “An entire building was destroyed. There are still bodies under the rubble”according to a witness.

In the north of the besieged and devastated Palestinian territory, Al-Ahli Arab hospital reported three deaths in an Israeli raid on a school housing displaced people in eastern Gaza City. Witnesses reported explosions and continued fighting throughout the night in Jabalia, after the army ordered the evacuation of neighborhoods where rockets were fired at Israel.

Dissensions at the top of the Israeli state

Benny Gantz, member of the war cabinet of Benjamin Netanyahu, threatened to resign if a “action plan” for the post-war in Gaza was not adopted within three weeks. The Israeli Prime Minister accused his political rival of wanting “overthrow the government”.

The Minister of Defense, Yoav Gallant, for his part summoned the Prime Minister to “prepare immediately” a “governmental alternative to Hamas”. The war cabinet, a body of six members, including three observer members, was launched by Benjamin Netanyahu after the terrorist attacks of October 7. Seven months later, he has never seemed so divided on its objectives.

UN warns of ‘apocalyptic’ consequences of blocking aid to Gaza

More than seven months after the start of the war between Israel and Hamas, the head of UN humanitarian affairs warns of the risk of famine in the besieged and devastated Palestinian territory. Blockage of humanitarian aid in the Gaza Strip could have consequences “apocalyptic”warned Martin Griffiths on Sunday.

“If the fuel runs out, if the aid doesn’t reach the people who need it, the famine that we’ve been talking about for so long and which is looming, will no longer be a threat. It will be there.”he declared in an interview with AFP.

Joe Biden assures students he supports ‘non-violent’ student protests

After the wave of pro-Palestinian demonstrations which have shaken American universities in recent weeks, the American president assured students on Sunday of supporting the “non-violent demonstrations”. “I support peaceful, non-violent protests. Your voices need to be heard, and I promise I will hear them,” Joe Biden said during the graduation ceremony at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia.

Moreover, The United States sent White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan to Israel on Sunday, who held talks with the country’s leaders.

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