what measures to fight against online threats?



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With the rise of social networks, school bullying no longer stops when you leave class. So, what measures is the government considering to protect victims? Response elements.

The tragedies repeat themselves with the same observation each time: the harassment continues in the evening on social networks. So, to protect victims, the Ministry of Education is considering several striking measures. For serious cases, a judge could confiscate an alleged harasser’s phone, impose a digital curfew of 6 p.m. has 8amor even ban him from social networks for six months if he is convicted. Another idea: require parental consent to access platforms before the age of 15.

Measures questioned

These avenues give hope to prevention associations. No one can manage the digital uses of young people anymore. I think that these measures meet a need of parents, but they also place responsibility on parents.”believes Justine Atlaspresident of the association e-Childhood / 3018. On the other hand, these possible sanctions seem far from convincing adolescents and their parents. Digital law specialists are also wondering about compliance with these possible measures. There Prime Minister should announce on Wednesday whether or not it keeps these proposals.

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