What is Kidney Transplant?

We do not always know very well where our kidneys and their role in our organism. However, this function is essential and that is why kidney failure can have life-threatening consequences. If the chronic renal insufficiency is too advanced, and the dialysis is no longer effective enough, Kidney transplantation is then the only possible option..

But how does a kidney transplant take place? What are the waiting times to qualify? What precautions does she require? And what are the side effects of a kidney transplant?

Geraldine Mayr and the Dr Jimmy Mohamed receive the Prof. Marc-Olivier Timsit, urological surgeon at the Georges-Pompidou hospital and at the Necker hospital in Paris. He is also responsible for the Transplantation Committee of the French Association of Urology (CTAFU). He presents to us the conditions that require a kidney transplant and the characteristics of this particular operation, the transplant, since it is linked to the organ donation.

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