what Inès Reg didn’t say about her divorce from Kevin Debonne

Leaving each other to keep only the best. We loved each other. We don’t regret anything. It’s magical to remember. We end in the most beautiful way. Saying goodbye to the lovers we were, to the place where we said yes to each other”. This is what Inès Reg wrote on Instagram, after announcing that she was separating from her husband, Kevin Debonne, on Sunday January 21, 2024.

“A new definition of what we call divorce

This April 17, 2024, the one who was nevertheless very transparent about her desire for glitter, at the start of her career as a comedian – her stage production with Kevin, made her cult – did not wish to say more to Jean -Pierre Foucault, on the subject. Guest of Media Culture, on Europe 1, she explained to Thomas Isle’s four-star replacement that she didn’t want to say much more.

With sensitivity, Jean-Pierre Foucault then asked her if the subject would fuel her next stand-up, the one she will write after finishing her show “We are together” which will continue on the roads of France between 2024 and 2025, after his participation (and perhaps his victory) in the show, Danse avec les stars, on TF1.

Transparent, Christophe Licata’s dance partner admitted : “Of course, yes, I will have to talk about the separation. In stand-up, we tell what we really experience. I can’t wait to be able to give a new definition to what we call divorce“.

“Make sadness or a little more difficult things funny”

And to add that his job was like this: “I love talking so much, telling my life story. But I imagine that yes, it does me a lot of good. I like sharing my emotions, anyway, it feels good. Making sadness or things a little more difficult funny works very well.”

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