What if Meghan Markle joined the Kardashian-Jenner clan? Kris Jenner is courting her!

If the royal family has turned its back on them, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry can now fall back on another family who likes to wash their dirty laundry in public a little more: the Kardashians. This is what the Mirror reveals, which explains how the Sussexes were approached by Kris Jenner, with a view to making a potential appearance in the family reality TV show, broadcast on Hulu.

Kris Jenner courts the Sussexes

According to a report, the Momager will fight for the exiled royals to appear on the show, as their friendship evolves. And “It’s no coincidence that the Kardashians all run in the same circles as Meghan’s new circle.” explains a source. And added: “It’s just a no-brainer for both families to team up, but Kris doesn’t want to push too aggressively, too soon.”

It must be said that for Kim Kardashian’s mother, a savvy businesswoman: “Even though it’s just a brief appearance it’s a huge win, the business side is now in motion and looks very lucrative“. For now, negotiations would be “still in their early stages” and Kris Jenner would have committed to “integrate them into the restricted circle of their family“, and would be “willing” to wait as long as it takes.

In recent months, Meghan Markle has been seen rubbing shoulders with the Kardashians during Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” tour in Los Angeles, while her mother, Doria Ragland has been seen out in the evening with Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian.

Meghan Markle not against

And proof that Meghan Markle is not insensitive to it, she would have used the services of a bodyguard who previously worked for the Kardashians. In Los Angeles, these precious contacts of “elite corps, from the police or the army“are always exchanged between stars, “notwe only for protection, but also because it makes GOOD”.


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