what if Elisabeth Borne had listened to her?

Queen B’s latest title has become a symbol of the “great resignation” phenomenon in the United States, and it has not escaped Olivia Leray.

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Surely you don’t see the connection between Beyoncé and quitting her job? The new titleBreak My Soul, by Beyoncé came out Tuesday, June 21. A song where Queen B sings in particular: “Get rid of your work, free up your time. Free up your profession, free up your stress. Give free rein to love, forget the rest.”

We kinda want to answer him: “OK Beyoncé, but I’m not going to eat shellfish just to please you”. But in fact, it goes further than that. In a few hours the song became the anthem of an American movement called Big Quit, “the great resignation”. The principle, no longer letting go, and favoring your freedom and self-esteem over work or a job. Right after the release of the title of Queen B, we saw messages on social networks: “Is Beyoncé asking me to quit my job?” ; or “Beyoncé is asking me to quit, and I will!” There are also French people who say: “I wrote my resignation letter. In the reason why I am resigning section, I wrote: Beyoncé asked me to.”

The big resignation was not invented by Beyoncé, but rather by the Covid-19. In 2021 alone, i48 million Americans quit, that’s huge. Here too, in France, the number of resignations has increased by 20% in two years, so the liberation is underway. There is also someone we know very well who tried to follow this movement of the Great Resignation a few days ago: our Prime Minister. It is not a question of the rout of the majority during the legislative elections: I have behind the scenes, Elisabeth Borne said “I resign” and afterwards she nodded and said to Emmanuel Macron: “You won’t break my soul”. You have to imagine the scene of course… Resignation refused, as you know, Emmanuel Macron has not yet understood the movement too much, obviously

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