“What has been happening for several days is the translation into reality of the position of the European Union,” maintains Charles Michel

The truce between Hamas and Israel enters its sixth day on Wednesday. The “two-state solution” supported by the 27 of the European Union is attracting “more and more” states, assures France Inter Charles Michel, the president of the European Council.


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Charles Michel, President of the European Council, November 29, 2023. (RADIOFRANCE)

“What’s been happening for a few days” in the Middle East, “it is the position of the European Union which is translated into reality”, estimates Wednesday, November 29 on France Inter Charles Michel, President of the European Council, on the sixth day of the truce between Israel and Hamas. Charles Michel assures that the Europeans have been “the first to say firmly the need for humanitarian corridors to free the hostages”.

For Charles Michel, this demonstrates that “the European Union is winning the battle of ideas”. He notably evokes the idea of ​​a “two-state solution”advocated by the 27 and which now appeals “more and more” of states. But the President of the European Council recognizes that the European Union “the battle of the press conference and visibility does not always win”. However, he wishes to emphasize that “Europe is Israel’s first economic partner” And “the first partner for humanitarian support to the Palestinians”proof of a “balanced line”.

The President of the European Council indeed welcomes the way in which “the 27 heads of state and government [européens] reacted in the days following the terrible and atrocious attack carried out by Hamas” on October 7. He judges “judicious” having “condemned Hamas, recognized Israel’s right to defend itself, but this must be done in accordance with international law”. Charles Michel also considers that he “is essential for the European Union to be coherent”. “We must defend international law everywhere and always, whether it is Ukraine or other regions in the world,” he maintains.

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