What does it say this December 11?

This Monday, December 11, the indigenous leader Raoni has a message for consumers and for large stores responsible for deforestation, the school uniform will be a polo shirt, a sweater and pants from next spring, and two new night train lines run from Paris.



Indian leader Raoni Metuktire, September 6, 2019, during a press conference in Bordeaux.  (NICOLAS TUCAT / AFP)

“Hi it’s Leo, what does it say?”

This Monday, December 11, the leader of the Kayapos indigenous people, Raoni, an international figure in the fight for the preservation of the Amazon forest, calls for consuming “local products” to fight against deforestation. “You who plant soya and raise livestock in Brazil or France, do so on land that is already deforested,” he also told industrialists, including Carrefour and Casino.

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The Minister of National Education must specify by the weekend the contours of the return of uniform to school. According to information from franceinfo, a kit consisting of five polo shirts, two sweaters and two pants per child must be sent by next spring to parents in voluntary communities.

And then two new night train lines are relaunched this Monday, with the Paris-Aurillac, canceled 20 years ago, and the Paris-Berlin, closed nine years ago. France is aiming for 10 night lines by 2030, while only Paris-Portbou and Paris-Briançon remained in 2016. In 2021, the Paris-Nice, the Paris-Tarbes-Lourdes and the Paris-Vienne had been relaunched.

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