what are the alternatives to sugar worth?


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Food: what are the alternatives to sugar worth?

Food: what are the alternatives to sugar worth? – (France 2)

In the “Behind our labels” section, 13 Heures answers your questions about consumption. Tuesday February 27, focus on alternatives to sugar, such as agave syrup or honey, with the promise of a healthier product.

Do without sugar and replace it with honey, agave syrup or yacon syrup: alternatives that promise high sweetness while containing less sugar, with the added bonus of fiber and minerals. But these alternatives do not keep all their promises. Their production is not necessarily more natural, and they are more expensive per kilo than sugar. Whatever option you choose, it is advisable to respect the requested daily dose, between 25 and 50 grams of sugar per day.

The French consume too much sugar

On the set of 13 Heures, Tuesday February 27, journalist Dorothée Lachaud recalls that there is also sugar in unexpected products, such as trays of grated carrots. Sugar “firstly allows better conservation of the product, by preserving its color. (…) It can also be used to soften the taste of a sauce, to make bread dough more supple, softer”she explains.

Products marked “0%” are also affected. “In France, we are on average at 100 grams per day. (…) This is four times more than what the World Health Organization recommends”, specifies Dorothée Lachaud. To limit your consumption, it is advisable to track down the words “maltose, dextrose, sucrose” on labels, to be wary of plant syrups, and to make your own dishes.

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