“Wesh then my race”, Adeline Toniutti (Star Academy) in total freewheeling during her course at the castle

On August 15, 2023, Jul, along with Kofs, Elams, SCH, and even Naps, released a track that became cult in the space of a few days. Baptized Organized band, the title has been listened to millions of times and is still a hit today. Last July, the Marseille collective’s project had 230 million streams on Spotify. While the clip had around 470 million views on YouTube. If Organized band speaks more to Marseillais and natives of Marseille, the song is still very popular throughout France, rap fans or not. And Adeline Toniuttisinging teacher of the star Academy

visibly seems just as fan of the song.

If some doubt it, all you had to do was watch the live broadcast of the show this Wednesday, November 22, 2023. A sequence was actually broadcast and made the rounds on the social network X, formerly Twitter. In said sequence, we can observe Djebril, Lénie, Julien, or even Clara taking up Jul’s piece with great enthusiasm.

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Adeline Toniutti and the students of the “Star Academy”, fans of “Organized Band”

“Wesh then, my race, calm or what (oh, mathafuck). Climb in the tchop, I do 0 to 100 in 2 seconds 3. Guitarized, oh, AC/DC, oh, we meet, it’s sure, you are paralyzed […] Fuck your mother on the Canebière, fuck your dead in the Old Port (Health & Honor). Mi amor, it’s the southern neighborhoods, it’s the northern neighborhoods. Fuck your mother on the Canebière, fuck your dead in the Old Port (ah)”the students of this season shouted loudly in the company of their totally unleashed teacher!

“PTDRR ADELINE IS SICK, YOU NEED TO SEE MY BITCH”, “My go Adeline I love her too much”, “is it a prank?”, “THAT! THAT!! It’s in the Saturday bloopers!”, many Internet users had fun after watching the sequence. A hilarious moment which allowed the students to express themselves and make fans of the program laugh.


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