“We will not do chemo, that’s my sad life”, a farmer from “Love is in the meadow” faced with an incurable disease!

Early “Love is in the Meadow” fans most certainly remember Didier, the cow and goat herder who took part in the romance program in 2013. A season in which the elderly man 41 years old at the time had met Stéphanie, the woman of his life today. The proof, after having welcomed their first child a few years after their meeting in front of the cameras of the sixth channel, in 2022, the two lovebirds said “yes” to each other for life.

A couple that Internet users can continue to follow regularly since their passage on the small screen since Stéphanie usually shares snippets of her daily life with her community on Instagram… But unfortunately, this Wednesday, May 31, 2023, the mother of the family announced terrible news to its subscribers. In the caption of a photo of her dog, a beautiful Bernese mountain dog named Mabrouka, Stéphanie wrote a few words that shocked the Web.

“The diagnosis fell for you Mabrouka, malignant tumor. We don’t do chemo. For the moment you eat, you run. That makes me sad life, to suffer and to see the people and animals I love go”can we read.

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An avalanche of support

A publication to which many Internet users reacted to support Stephanie: “Full of courage. It is not easy to see the suffering and the departure of full family members who are our animals”, “Very sad. I wish you to take full advantage of the moments together full of happiness that you have yet to live”, “I pity you, this event must be so hard to go through”, “Courage to you, with all my heart with you, I sympathize. Support your pet as much as you can”, can we read in particular via the comments of the post of half of Didier. Words that will surely warm the heart of the mother followed by more than 2,000 subscribers.


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