“We will need ceasefire zones,” warns the president of Médecins sans Frontières


“Before the conflict, 400 trucks entered Gaza every day,” said Isabelle Defourny on Wednesday on franceinfo, the day after the deadly strike on a hospital in Gaza.

“We will need ceasefire zones”, alerted the president of Médecins Sans Frontières, Isabelle Defourny, on Wednesday, October 18, in the morning on franceinfo, the day after the strike which destroyed a hospital in Gaza and left hundreds dead, in the midst of the conflict between Hamas and Israel. A ceasefire “which is not discussed at the moment”, recognized the president of the humanitarian association. Both camps blame each other for this strike: Hamas accuses Israel of having targeted the hospital, while the Israeli army assures that it was a rocket attack from Islamic Jihad, a Palestinian armed group. .

Of the “ceasefire zones” will be “essential both in the north of Gaza, where no one can protect themselves, and in the south to succeed in putting in place proper relief”, explains Isabelle Defourny. The association does not report any casualties among its teams, but one of MSF’s surgeons was in the operating room at the time of the strike. “He described the roof of the block collapsed, shards of glass everywhere” And “a lot of deaths”says the president of the association, who specifies that “this is not the first time that a hospital has been affected”. According to her, around twenty ambulances have also already been affected.

The supply of humanitarian aid is also still blocked at Gaza border crossings, despite ongoing United Nations negotiations. “Before the conflict, 400 trucks entered Gaza every day”, specifies the president of MSF, to supply hospitals in particular. With shortages of water, fuel, “and soon some food”, “the health system is collapsing”judge Isabelle Defourny.

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