“We, the Europeans”. United Kingdom: the war against obesity

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In France, according to an Inserm study from February 2023, nearly one in two adults are overweight (47.3%), and 17% of them are obese, a percentage which does not stops increasing. Among children, 20% of 6-17 year olds are overweight or obese, and there too, the numbers are increasing. To combat this, our British neighbors have put in place numerous original and educational initiatives. “We, the Europeans” (X) traveled to the UK to find out more.

The importance of sport and diet


In Manchester, northwest of England, a somewhat unusual football match is played: participants can win by weighing themselves. Everyone is overweight or obese, and the pounds lost turn into goals. This is one of the initiatives taken in a country where the obesity rate has almost doubled since the 1990s. Also in Manchester, the municipality sends coaches to families to help them find a healthier lifestyle.

In the rest of the country, twenty hospitals have set up specialized obesity services. Other initiatives, less healthy products are less well displayed in supermarkets, and great chefs tour schools to teach children the taste of good things. At home, will the English manage to respond to what the WHO describes as “a major global public health issue“?

A report by Juliette Guérin and Alex Gouty.


Nutrition, physical activity, psychological help, sometimes surgery, caregivers mobilize to help those who suffer from obesity, a chronic illness. Obese people testify to their often isolation, and to the stigmatizing view of society which does not help with healing…

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