“We should have done it a long time ago”, for Ukrainians, the use of Western weapons against the Russians is obvious

kyiv claims to be able to use Western weapons to strike Russian territory. His allies are divided on the issue. The Ukrainians are impatiently awaiting this green light.



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The funeral of Valentin, a 54-year-old Ukrainian, in Myrotské, north east of kyiv, on May 29, 2024. (VIRGINIE PIRONON - FRANCEINFO - RADIOFRANCE)

Should Ukraine be allowed to attack Russia with Western weapons? The fact that kyiv can use weapons donated by another country to strike Russian territory is debated among its allies. Meanwhile, Ukraine continues to suffer significant losses on the front. Franceinfo attended the funeral of a Ukrainian soldier on Wednesday May 29, about forty kilometers northeast of kyiv.

The farewell ceremony takes place in the courtyard of the house of the deceased, Valentin, 54 years old. The only church in the village of Myrotské, 1,500 inhabitants, is pro-Russian. An unacceptable thing for the family who brought the priest from the neighboring town Borodianka, Dmitro Kochka. “Why are these children dying? Why are these soldiers dying? We ask God for a quick victory, happiness, peace, calm and independence. We ask to live here in our Motherland, Ukraine”says the priest.

Standing back in front of the coffin covered with roses, Alla is from the family of the deceased, who has been missing at the front for several weeks. “We really hope that Western countries will support us, because we want this war to end. We want our children to be happy”, she confides. Tatiana has difficulty speaking. She just lost her son in this war two months ago.

“I feel hatred towards Russians, from every pore of my body.”

“My son was 31 years old, he wanted to help, he himself chose to go to the front. It’s very difficult, because now the only way to see him is at his grave. And I still waiting for my husband to return”, confides Tatiana. At the ceremony, many soldiers, like Alexander, do not understand that the question of the use of Western weapons by Ukraine on Russian territory could still arise. “We should have started doing this a long time ago,” cowardly Alexander.

“These are missiles that are hitting the country, before the eyes of the whole world, and we wouldn’t have the right to use the weapons that are given to us? Western countries are afraid. It’s true, it’s true. “is a big responsibility. The countries of the European Union could be affected in turn.”

Alexander, Ukrainian soldier

at franceinfo

The village priest, attached to the Moscow Patriarchate, was also present during the ceremony. “These people have no shame”whispers a close relative of the family.

Funeral in Myrotské, north east of kyiv, on May 29, 2024.

Funeral in Myrotské, north east of kyiv, on May 29, 2024.
Funeral in Myrotské, north east of kyiv, on May 29, 2024.

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