“We lost five years to get everyone moving”, reacts the mayor of Grigny, received by Emmanuel Macron

Received at the Elysee Palace on Tuesday, the mayor of Grigny Philippe Rio deplores that the Borloo report on priority neighborhoods was buried by Emmanuel Macron in 2018.

We lost five years to get everyone moving“reacts on franceinfo Tuesday July 4 the mayor of Grigny (Essonne), Philippe Rio. The elected communist is one of the 302 mayors received Tuesday at the Elysée by Emmanuel Macron. Their common point: they are at the head of municipalities affected in across the whole of France by nearly a week of riots.

There are many mayors, right and left, who said to him ‘but what did you do with this Borloo report?’“, adds the city councilor. In 2018, the President of the Republic buried this report on the suburbs, which recommended acting on education, employment and discrimination. “I was probably clumsy on the Borloo plan“, conceded the Head of State in front of these elected officials, several participants reported to franceinfo. “Of which act“, answers Philippe Rio.

Emmanuel Macron “needs mayors”

I came without enthusiasm, I leave without enthusiasm, with a principle of reality“, he continues. “The reality is that we’re all burned out. We are all tired and therefore we will have to work again“, he breathes. Indeed, Emmanuel Macron has “makes it very clear that he will not find all the solutions in his own pocket, but that he needs the mayors“.

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The mayors have been very clear: we need more and better public services“, emphasizes Philippe Rio. He projects himself on the coming months: “We are going to spend a summer working, making concrete proposals on very sovereign subjects“.”I do not believe that in two months we will provide answers“, he warns, however.

According to him, “the problem is that the President of the Republic said ‘there is not a problem of means in this country, there is a problem of method‘”. Gold, “when we talk about education, when we talk about the police, when we talk about justice, we don’t have the feeling that it’s just a problem of method“. According to him, “there is really a problem of means“.

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