we found the “stripper policewoman” and her secret was completely bogus

While the House of Secrets will reopen its doors in a few days, on April 23, the blogger Jeremstar found one of the first candidates of this reality TV show, emblematic for an entire generation, it is Lalyknown for her participation in Secret Story 1.

Very friends for several years, Jérémy Gisclon, his real name, and Laly, have lost touch for 15 years. They reconnected a few months ago on social networks and had the opportunity to see each other again during their vacation in Bangkok, Thailand, this Tuesday, April 16. A reunion which took place live on Snapchat.

Now aged 43, Laly was able to give her news and recall some memories of her adventure on TF1.

Porn actress turned producer

A few months after his participation in the TF1 reality TV, Laly had started a whole new career. Indeed, the young woman had launched, alongside her husband, into the adult film industry. A change of life which created a huge buzz at the time. As Jeremstar recalls, she was one of the first to do that. Today, this is much more common with online platforms.

Laly now lives in Las Vegas in the United States and is now a pornographic film producer. “I have a production company and I produce films in VR, in virtual reality,” she explains. A practice that seems democratized across the Atlantic….

His secret was bogus

For those who remember, Laly’s secret was “I’m a policewoman and a stripper”, a secret that wasn’t entirely true as she explained to Jeremstar years later. “What happened was that the producer, just before I went on prime, said to me: ‘can we change your secret and add a stripper in addition to a policewoman?’“As she tells it, she had never been a stripper at the time but she was indeed a police officer at night.

This is not the first time that such revelations have been made. The secrets of the candidates are sometimes somewhat modified and embellished, other secrets are also created from scratch by the production within the framework of the game.

See you on April 23 to discover the brand new season of Secret Story, at 11 p.m. on TF1, presented by Christophe Beuagrand.

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