“We don’t have major support from the state and politicians,” laments the co-founder of Metoo media

“There is a real Metoo collective”, assures Muriel Réus but the men are rare there. “This societal movement will not progress without men at our side.”


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“On sexual violence today we do not have major support from the State and politicians”deplored Tuesday May 14 on franceinfo Muriel Réus, co-founder of Metoo media and president of the Femme Avec association.

The communications specialist is at the initiative, with the actress Anna Mouglalis and Anne-Cécile Mailfert, president of the Women’s Foundation, of a new platform “We persist and we sign!” published in The world Tuesday, the opening day of the Cannes Film Festival.

This forum brings together “a hundred French faces of the #metoo movement, a hundred voices, a hundred bodies, a hundred stories of sexist and sexual violence” from all walks of life: cinema, sport, politics, the media, cooking… “French Metoos are plural, they are throughout French society”, explained Muriel Réus. This is the first time that so many personalities have come together to denounce sexual and gender-based violence: “We have never shown the power of the Metoo collective. There is a real Metoo collective with women and men who are committed and have taken a stand”she explained.

These 100 personalities are demanding in particular “a comprehensive law on sexual violence, so that the movement can be put in place as it was put in place on domestic and domestic violence”, explained Muriel Réus. But, according to her, the fight is not won, because “there are very strong masculinist movements, such as far-right movements which are trying to discredit the words of women and feminist movements today”she lamented. “We are very attentive, very present. We will not give up on the rights that are ours”she said.

Among these 100 faces, a few men, but very few: notably the actor Philippe Torreton, the novelist Thomas Piet and a few other victims of incest. “We would like to have a lot more”recognizes Muriel Réus. “We chose to put in the photo people who had denounced, who had spoken publicly or who had been victims. It has not escaped you that the words of men are not very present”she stressed. “We are waiting for men at our side. In any case, it is certain that this societal movement will not progress without men at our side”she concluded.

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