“We could experience (…) a moment of communion”, reports Brother Thierry Hubert


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19/20 info receives Brother Thierry Hubert, producer of “Jour du seigneur” on France 2. Saturday September 23, he attended the high mass held by Pope Francis at the Vélodrome stadium. He looks back on this celebration and shares his feelings.

How did Brother Thierry Hubert, producer of “Jour du Seigneur” on France 2, experience the historic celebration of Pope Francis’ mass at the Vélodrome stadium? “I had the impression of having been somewhere in Marseille as the fervor, the hospitality, the welcome that was provided by these 60,000 people stood out. We could live like what the masses want to do, that is to say a moment of communion”confides Brother Thierry Hubert on the microphone of 19/20 info, Saturday September 23.

Learn to live together

THE pape aDid he finally feel like he was coming to Marseille or France? I think that there was a bit of a response from the shepherd to the shepherdess (…). This Before opening of the mass by saying ‘Hello Marseille, hello France’, then suddenly, we were all on board”thinks Brother Thierry Hubert. In any casewhat will remain of the Pope’s visit and the mass is his fight for the migrants who die in the Mediterranean. A society “must learn to live together when there are so many differences between us”concludes Brother Thierry Hubert.

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