war is declared on the networks between the stars of “Koh-Lanta”

Like every year in the TF1 adventure game, we will note in the new season of “Koh-Lanta: The immunity hunters”
some tensions between candidates. In the race, in the Philippines, for the 100,000 euros at stake, this season again, two stars of the program are already at war. These are Émilie and Alicia, who have already come to terms with their opposition…

Émilie treated as “Beyoncé of the beaches”

For her part, Alicia made fun of Émilie on TF1. She called it “Beyoncé of the beaches”assuring about his appearance and behavior: “just when I see her, I can’t“. And naturally, the main interested party, who discovered this criticism, on television the evening of the first broadcast of the episode, responded to him.

On TikTok, the telephone saleswoman and bodybuilding enthusiast posted a reaction video. On February 14, 2024, she collected on her account TikTok nearly 16,000 likes. Émilie inserted Alicia’s mockery at the start of the video. And then she added clips of her new best enemy struggling during an immunity challenge, with a freeze-frame of her low-cut, unflattering swimsuit.

Very amused by her deviousness, the candidate from Aude smiled and wrote: “When I hear Alicia judge my physique in Koh-Lanta”. And to add: “What does the ant say again? Well, sing now…”.

Haters target Alicia

On the Web, the haters were of course out and some attacked Alicia violently, explaining: “Alicia, she just came after being recruited for reality TV”or “She’s the only candidate in this Koh-Lanta that I didn’t like from the first seconds“. But perhaps Émilie had completely foreseen that.

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