War in Ukraine: video in support, Russia claims to have saved the crew of the Moksva



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S. Lequesne, C. Cuello, B. Bervas – France 3

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Questions remain three days after the sinking of the moksvathe Russian ship that sank in the Black Sea. Moscow says it saved the crew and released a video on Saturday, April 16, on which the alleged survivors would appear.

On images released Saturday, April 16, by the Russian Ministry of Defense, men in sailor uniforms are presented as the surviving crew of the moksva. The captain of the ship is also in the pictures. For Moscow (Russia), it is a question of showing that all the soldiers are safe and sound.The crew of the Moksva boat is at the heroic main base in Sevastopol (Crimea). These officers will continue to serve in the Navy“said Admiral Nikolai Levmenovthe Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy. Lined up at attention, the soldiers are a hundred. the ship had nearly 500 men.

According to Moscow, the sinking caused no casualties. A version that many experts doubt. The ship was sinking, so it is very likely that at this time a number of sailors became stuck in the boat and others were evacuated. But anyway, there were casualties“, Judge General Vincent Doorsprofessor of military strategy at Sciences Po.

In Sevastopol, a ceremony also disrupted the official version. On a crown mortuary east writes a disturbing message: “Tribute to moksva and its sailors”. None of them have officially disappeared. Moscow continues to speak of an accidental fire, and not of a bombardment by the Ukrainians.

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