War in Ukraine: Russia holds elections in occupied regions


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Two aid workers, a Canadian and a Spanish woman, were killed this weekend in Ukraine, while traveling in the east to assess the needs of civilians. This comes as Moscow held several controversial elections in the annexed territories. Update with Anne Ponsinet, in duplex from Moscow, Monday September 11.

Moscow has held several controversial elections in the territories annexed to Ukraine. “Unsurprisingly, the elections were a success according to the Kremlin. According to official figures, more than 70% of voters from the regions voted for Vladimir Putin’s party. These regions are the four areas that Moscow attached to Russia, following a referendum last September. The referendum was not recognized by the international community“, specifies Anne Ponsinet duplex from Moscow (Russia)this Monday, September 11.

Illegal elections for kyiv

But how did the elections go? In a somewhat unusual way, in regions where fighting is raging, with voters who could vote either with a Ukrainian passport or a Russian passport. The main thing for the Kremlin is to send a message that everything is normalizing in these regions. For its part, kyiv will not recognize the result of these elections.concludes the journalist.

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