War in Ukraine, day 582 | Ukrainian drone damages power station in Russia

(Moscow) A Ukrainian drone dropped explosives on a power station in a Russian village near the Ukrainian border on Friday, cutting off power to a hospital, the governor of the Kursk region said.

In Belaya, less than 25 kilometers from the border, “a Ukrainian drone dropped two explosive devices on an electrical post,” Roman Starovoit said on Telegram.

“One of the transformers caught fire. Five localities and a hospital were deprived of electricity. Fire crews attended the scene,” he said, adding that power would be “restored as soon as it is safe to do so.”

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that it had destroyed two Ukrainian drones over the neighboring Belgorod region, on Telegram. The ministry said a first device was destroyed around 5 p.m. (10 a.m. Eastern Time) Thursday, about four hours before a second drone was shot down.

“The Ukrainian drone was destroyed over the Belgorod region by operating air defense systems,” the ministry said.

The Belgorod and Kursk regions border eastern Ukraine.

Since Ukraine launched its counter-offensive in early June, Russia has suffered waves of drone attacks that have sporadically damaged buildings, including in Moscow.

Russian authorities have downplayed the significance of these attacks.

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