Volodymyr Zelensky calls on the world to help kyiv triumph over “Russian evil”

As the death toll from the Russian strike on Saturday morning against Odessa rose to 12, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on the world on Sunday March 3 to help kyiv triumph over “Russian evil”. “Ukrainian children are Russia’s military targets”, he denounced, listing the names of the children who died during this attack. The attack notably killed five children, including two babies under the age of one. In his daily address, the Ukrainian president also pressed his allies on the supply of weapons. Follow our live stream.

“We are waiting for an American solution,” said the Ukrainian president. Due to the persistent blockage in the United States of a $60 billion aid program, kyiv is facing a shortage of ammunition. “We are waiting for supplies that are vital to us”insisted the Ukrainian president. “Russia has lost fifteen military aircraft since the beginning of Februaryhe added. The more opportunities we have to shoot down Russian planes, the more Ukrainian lives we will save.”

Leak of secret conversations between German officers. Russian media broadcast a recording of senior German officers discussing an arms delivery to kyiv for strikes on Crimea. The Russian head of state seeks “to destabilize us, make us insecure”, said German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius. That “part of an information war that Putin is waging”he added.

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