Violence against elected officials, pension reform, wages and inflation … What to remember from “8:30 franceinfo” by Jean-Philippe Tanguy

The deputy president of the RN group in the National Assembly and deputy for the Somme was the guest of the “8:30 a.m. franceinfo” on Thursday May 18, 2023.

Jean-Philippe Tanguy, deputy president of the RN group in the National Assembly and deputy for the Somme was the guest of “8:30 a.m. franceinfo”, Thursday May 18, 2023. Violence against elected officials, pension reform, wages, inflation… he answered questions from Lorrain Sénéchal and Neïla Latrous.

Violence against elected officials: the government’s plan “is not the appropriate response”

The government has announced a plan to toughen sanctions against those who attack elected officials. He wants to carry these penalties up to seven years in prison and a fine of 100,000 euros. “Why not“reacts Jean-Philippe Tanguy, “but it’s not the right answer to the situation. (…) Elected officials, like all French people, are increasingly victims of the ‘wildness’ of society and the laxity of the authorities.” As a result, violence is “perceived as a method of action” and this is encouraged by the lack of sanctions. “There is a problem of means, of general laxity and despite the great words, in particular of Mr. Darmanin, the situation is only getting worse and it is now affecting elected officials” , continues the elected official who points out that Yannick Morez, mayor of Saint-Brevin, has been threatened several times. His home was also set on fire on March 22 while he was supporting a reception center project for asylum seekers (Cada). Jean-Philippe Tanguy insists on the importance of “Do not trivialize any violence. We must protect everyone.”

Liot’s bill to repeal the pension reform: “We will probably vote for”

“We will probably vote for, we are waiting for the final text because one of the options of the majority is to rot the text and transform it with amendments”declares Jean-Philippe Tanguy while the Liot group has tabled the bill aimed in particular at repealing the pension reform. “If the final text is distorted by the behavior of the presidential minority, we will have to adapt. But we support this text. I hope that the Macronists will not spoil this day, prevent the debate [le 8 juin] because it would reopen a conflict in France.”
The National Rally has also prepared a text to bring retirement back to 62: “It is possible that we will come back to it if this Liot law was not passed”. Elisabeth Borne said on Wednesday that the Liot group’s proposal was “unconstitutional” and that it was “irresponsible” on the part of the parliamentary group. “We will tell him that his reform is very expensive for the French”reacts Jean-Philippe Tanguy. “The pension reform makes false savings, savings in appearance, but for our social model, it costs more.”

Value sharing: “It does not solve the problem of the monthly salary”

“The sharing of value, why not, it’s consensual, we’ll vote for it, but it doesn’t solve the problem of the monthly salary”declares Jean-Philippe Tanguy while the government proposes to include in the law a text, resulting from an agreement between the social partners and employers, on the sharing of value. “I’m waiting to see the final text, but we have no reason to oppose. We never make the policy of the worst.” On the other hand, the sharing of values “does not solve the question of the monthly salary, it is necessary to increase the salaries each month because the constrained expenses are each month.”

Negotiations with manufacturers on prices: “Statement of failure”

“We are in an acknowledgment of failure. It is insufficient and that does not mean anything about the drop in prices and it is very late”believes Jean-Philippe Tanguy while the 75 largest French food manufacturers have agreed to reopen negotiations with supermarkets before the end of May with the aim of lowering high prices on the shelves. “We must alert the French to the fact that prices will be permanently highhe adds. It is to recognize the power that industrialists have. The government does nothing against these dominant positions. Industrialists have too much power.” The government asks the industrialists to agree otherwise it will tax the excess profit. “They’ve been saying for months that they don’t want to tax excess profits. So industrialists don’t believe it” to these threats.

Foreign interference: Marine le Pen “has nothing to hide”

“The members of the presidential majority wanted to reopen the hearings to hear Marine Le Pen”, explains Jean-Philippe Tanguy while Marine Le Pen will be heard on May 24 before the National Assembly’s commission on foreign interference. “She had always made it known that she would go to this commission because she has nothing to hide.”


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