Vincent Ferniot knocks out “Top Chef” and the jury who “plays a role”!

Journalist, actor, animator… If Vincent Ferniot multiplies the strings to his bow, a passion has always driven the 63-year-old man: gastronomy. Guest on the set of “Buzz TV” this Monday, June 26, 2023, the one we hear regularly on the airwaves of South Radio therefore gave its opinion on a flagship culinary show in the French audiovisual landscape: Top chef.

A program that has existed for more than ten years and which has boosted the careers of many chefs! However, there is no question for Vincent Ferniot of practicing the language of wood for all that! Despite the success of the program, the guest of the day from “Buzz TV” launched: “It’s not my thing because for me, it has nothing to do with cooking”.

An opinion that Vincent Ferniot later developed by explaining the reason why he did not particularly appreciate this program: “You know what all the great chefs say who work with seconds. They say: “They all want to be chefs before they are cooks.That is to say, it’s a bit of a mirror to the larks. We do not give the keys to the reality of the job of cooking in these programs, ” he justified.

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Philippe Etchebest has become his character”

And if the sexagenarian recognized that the candidates of the show of the sixth channel with an exceptional talent, the latter camped on his positions by adding: “It’s scripted, it’s an extremely well-run program with attentive production at all rating points. Even the chefs, the jury, play roles”.

Asked about the jurors of the program, Vincent Ferniot concluded by taking Philippe Etchebest as an example to illustrate his point: “I think that Philippe Etchebest has become his character, he is asked to be raw when he is someone sensitive… But hey, it’s for the goods of the production no doubt…”, did he declare. This will not please the best workman in France.


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