VIDEOS. The highlights of the debate between Gabriel Attal and Jordan Bardella


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The Attal/Bardella debate
The entire debate between Gabriel Attal and Jordan Bardella

During this debate, the Prime Minister notably accused the head of the National Rally list of being “bound by a moral contract” with the Kremlin.

The president of the National Rally, Jordan Bardella, and the Prime Minister, Gabriel Attal clashed on Thursday, May 23 on France 2 for about an hour and twenty minutes, during the program “L’Evénement”. Free trade, ecological transition, nuclear power, immigration, war in Ukraine… 17 days before the European elections, a vote for which Jordan Bardella is leading the race in the polls, the debate made it possible to address many subjects.

For this sixth debate between the two political leaders, Jordan Bardella first wanted to confront his “project” for Europe “balance sheet” by Emmanuel Macron. “I want a Europe that assumes economic patriotism, that protects us from migratory disorders.” THE National gathering carries “a vision which is that of withdrawal and the end of the European Union”retorted the head of government.

One of the liveliest exchanges focused on the links between the National Rally and Moscow. The Prime Minister accused the MEP of having a “moral contract” with the Kremlin, recalling that the RN had, in the past, taken out loans from Russian banks to finance itself. “Even though you have repaid your debt, you have a moral contract with them, which means that you are not free in your votes and your decisions in the European Parliament”attacked the Prime Minister. “It is not up to the level of the Prime Minister of France to have arguments that are below the beltreplied the MEP. It was not Marine Le Pen who received Vladimir Putin in Bréançon at her vacation spot.”.

The two men discussed immigration at length. Jordan Bardella presented the European elections as a “vote for or against mass immigration”mocking the head of government’s record on this subject.“Mr. Attal, you have shattered all the immigration records one by one”accused the head of the list in the European elections.

In the event of victory, Jordan Bardella promises a “migration turning point with a humane policy, but much firmer which should allow us to regain control of our destiny”. With “the presentation you make of the subject, we have the feeling when listening to you that behind every foreigner, every immigrant, there is a delinquent and a potential terrorist, and I find it revolting”replied Gabriel Attal.

Asked about the ecological transition and the climate crisis, the two political leaders shared opposing visions during a new skirmish. The president of the RN criticized the “unrealistic environmental ambitions” of the government and the majority, with the ban on thermal vehicles in 2035. “New vehicles”specified Gabriel Attal who ensures that Europe has “advance” in its ecological transition. “You seem to live in a world where we have oil in France (…) and where oil does not pollute,” launched the head of government.

Gabriel Attal also attacked the RN’s proposal to apply a national preference for companies in public procurement. According to the Prime Minister, such a measure would result in reciprocal decisions from our European neighbors, and would therefore penalize French companies which have public contracts in member countries of the European Union.

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