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Mauritius is the world’s second largest exporter of monkeys, essential for scientific experiments. But to feed this business, clandestine farms and the illegal capture of wild animals are on the increase.

Mauritius is known for its heavenly beaches, less for its laboratory monkey farms, of which it is the second largest exporter in the world, mainly to the United States and France.

A market of 15 million euros per year

In 2022, more than 12,000 Mauritian monkeys discreetly traveled to France under the feet of tourists in the planes of major commercial companies. These animals are essential to science, but to feed this business of 15 million euros per year, clandestine farms and illegal captures of wild animals are increasing.

A report by Lucie Chaussoy, Nicolas Bertrand, Fabien Fougère, Kilian Le Bouquin, Thomas Pham-Hung for Caravelle Productions broadcast in “The Special Envoy” on June 8, 2023.

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