VIDEO. Rugby and football world cups, Paris 2024, Mohamed Haouas… Amélie Oudéa-Castéra reacts in Télématin

The Minister of Sports swept the sports news of the moment in the interview of the 4V of Télématin, Wednesday.

The Minister of Sports was the guest of Télématin, Wednesday, May 31, to answer questions from Thomas Sotto. During this interview, Amélie Oudéa-Castéra reacted to the words written by Novak Djokovic on Kosovo at Roland-Garros, a message “not appropriate”. The D-100 of the Rugby World Cup in France, the opening ceremony of the Paris 2024 Olympics, or even the problem of broadcasting the Women’s Football World Cup this summer were also widely discussed.

Rugby World Cup 2023: on security and ticketing, France “will be ready”

It is a first life-size rehearsal of what awaits the country in just over a year with the Paris Olympics. In 100 days opens the Rugby World Cup in France, and with it its challenges. The last event of such a scale, the final of the 2022 Champions League at the Stade de France had resulted in incidents. “We are going to be there for security, with nearly 3,000 police and gendarmes mobilized daily, nearly 10,000 private security agents over the entire duration of the tournament.“, advanced Amélie Oudéa-Castéra.

With regard to the places, the minister wants to be reassuring. The latter recalled the existence of an exchange platform to obtain tickets in the last three months before the competition. “There are no individual tickets left for the general public. But a few places of hospitality (complete formulas around matches) And almost 75% of these have already left. The authorized resale platform has already enabled 85,000 people to exchange their tickets and make a few happy. There is a wide variety of prices. It goes from 10 euros up to 950 euros for the most key moments, in the final and semi-finals.

Mohamed Haouas’ prison sentence: “a mess”, but no radiation from the XV of France

Sentenced to one year in prison on Tuesday for domestic violence, international Mohamed Haouas saw the doors of the France team close a few months before the World Cup. A decision approved by Amélie Oudéa-Castéra. “I salute the firmness of the press release made by the FFR and by that of Clermont, with the right words. These are acts of violence which are indeed unacceptable and incompatible with the values ​​of the France team and rugby.“The Minister of Sports talks about”mess“, but refuses to block access to the XV of France for an indefinite period.It will be up to Fabien Galthié to speak on the rest“, she believes.

Accommodation in Ile-de-France: “We must not make the Olympics the scapegoat”

In recent weeks, several controversies have erupted around the Olympic Games and housing problems in Paris. “This kind of thing worries me because I don’t want to mix everything up“, retorted Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, while the homeless could be forced to leave the capital to be welcomed in other regions.

We have major issues on emergency accommodation, but it is not the fault of the Olympics. We have a policy of deconcentration of the homeless in Ile-de-France, initiated in April, so that they have a better quality of reception. We must not make the Olympics the scapegoat for all frustrations”. “He don’t misrepresent the facts“, insisted the minister, also ensuring that the requisition of Crous accommodation will be done thanks to the”natural flow” students during the summer, with “housing solutions“, and that no one will be penalized.

Opening ceremony of the Paris Olympics: the gauge of spectators refined at the start of the school year

The configuration planned for the opening ceremony of the Paris Olympics is exceptional in its form, in the heart of the city and around the Seine. It remains to specify the details, in particular the number of spectators who will be able to attend. “There will be 100,000 places on the low platforms, paying, and several hundred thousand on the high platforms, between 400 and 600,000says Amélie Oudéa-Castéra. From the summer and the start of the school year, we will have the launch of work for the free ticket office for these high platforms, which will make it possible to refine things. On the scale of Paris, nearly a million people will be able to enjoy this extraordinary moment.

Women’s World Cup: broadcasting is an “imperative”

Another high point of the summer sports calendar, the Women’s Football World Cup, but the competition has still not found a taker for its TV broadcast less than two months before the opening match (July 20). A subject that Amélie Oudéa-Castéra carries as “an imperative“while the minister signed a joint statement with England, Germany, Spain and Italy on Wednesday”because we have to promote women’s sport, which is very under-represented on screen today.

She guarantees that the competition will be well broadcast, but asks that “everyone makes a bit of effort“.”FIFA should probably be less greedy, remembering that there are hurdles regarding broadcast times. And that on the other side, the broadcasters make an extra effort. They are committed to promoting women’s sport“, concluded Amélie Oudéa-Castéra.

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